Providing high quality filtration, separation and purification products


Compressed Air Driers & Filters is privately owned and has a BEE Level 1 Certificate.

Our company is in it’s 18th year of operation, since we where established in the year 2000.

We have three branches with the Head Office being based in Pinetown, a branch in Edenvale, Gauteng, and a branch in Cape Town.

Compressed Air Driers & Filters is a distributor for the domnick hunter range of compressed air dryers and filtration products. We have a factory trained service department to maintain and supply equipment on a National basis.

ParkerStore is also an independent distributor for the Parker Hannifin range of products, hydraulic and pneumatics, fuel filtration, fittings and a vast range of other products.


There are three major forms of contamination in compressed air lines, namely water, oil and dirt. In an average compressed air line of 15 cubic meters per minute at 7 bar pressure, you could expect to find 20 000 liters of water and 40 liters of oil passing through the system per year, as well as 896 million dirt particles per cubic meter, all of which contributes to the water and destruction of pipelines, pneumatic tools, downstream equipment and processes which can ultimately bring production to an expensive standstill.

As part of the compressed air purification process, filtration and separation devices are installed in the compressed air stream to remove all contamination. The oily water condensate must then be removed from the downstream filters, driers and air receivers, for legal dispersal.

COMPRESSED AIR DRIERS & FILTERS CC. have the expertise, with over 25 years experience in compressed air stream, to provide you with the most cost effective and reliable compressed air stream processing systems and equipment with the lowest operating differential pressure/energy losses.

And it doesn’t stop there…….. THE REAL COST OF COMPRESSED AIR:

During the generation of electricity by oil or coal fired power stations, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, which adds to the damaging greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming.

Governments worldwide are now setting domestic objectives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and in many instances will achieve this through taxation of energy supplies and/or rebates to energy efficient companies. In an attempt to reduce their liabilities, many companies will inevitably follow more focused, energy conscious approach when seeking new equipment and production methods. BY reducing the energy consumption of your compressed air system, carbon dioxide emissions can be substantially reduced and major cost savings made. This reduction in energy consumption can start with the correct selection of compressed air processing equipment to eliminate this unnecessary waste of expensive compressed air.


domnick hunter

  • Excellence in technology and export achievement has been recognized by 7 Queens Awards to Industry
  • In 1987 domnick hunter became the first U.K. based company to achieve ISO 9001 registration
  • In 2001 domnick hunter achieved ISO 14001


  • Compressed air filters and Dewpoint testing
  • Servicing of filters and driers
  • Customer service records
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Training Courses
  • Consulting

Lifetime performance guarantee on filters and Pneudri desiccant driers
Minimum 12 months guarantee against faulty workmanship
Air quality in accordance with ISO 8573.1 standards